Without foster care he never would have hit it big.

Find out more about becoming a foster parent at the House of the Good Shepherd.

Foster Parenting

It's Inspiring. It's Rewarding. It's Life Changing.

You can be the one to help break the chain and create a generation of healthy families.

Be the change in a child’s life by providing for them, inspiring them, and supporting them. In return, you will experience the rewards of being a foster parent, knowing your contribution has the power to not only change a life, but change future generations of families to come. By becoming a foster parent, you can give a child and their family a chance to change.

Each Day, Foster Parents Promote Safe and Healthy Future Generations of Families.

A primary goal of the foster care program is to create growth and systemic change in children and families in order to create future healthy generations of families. Whenever possible, the necessary steps are taken to reunite children with their birth families. If that goal is out of reach, foster parents act as a child’s support, helping to prepare them for adoption or independent living.

We Help Our Foster Families
Every Step of the Way.

Our Foster Parents Receive:

  • Professional staff on call 24/7
  • Individual, family, and group counseling
  • Case management
  • Psychiatric/psychological evaluation and consultation
  • Physical health screenings
  • Independent living skill acquisition

Ongoing support includes:

  • Respite Care Services
  • Recreational activities
  • All medical expenses covered
  • Free 12-week training
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